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About Ruspro
Since 2011 we have been passionate about helping Finnish businesses from Education, Medicine and Design sectors in development on Russian market.
There is no ready recipe for the businesses how to succeed on foreign markets. Yet strong expertise on local market will help to avoid costy mistakes and save time.
We need a plan!
Working strategy is always based on a good understanding of local market peculiarities and specifics of your business. Still it`s crucial to test your services on target market - that is why runing a pilot project is nearly always in the stragey plan.
Finding local partners
Sometimes you have all the resources to make an effective market penetration by yourself, but in many cases a Finnish company needs a local partner
Sales organization
Do your pilot case, understand what should be changed/localised. Then scale your business by organising sales and support for the target market.
You will get
Clear understanding of time/costs for a market entry
Localized product
Working business model: operating independently or through a local partner
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Our partners
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Irina Solonova


10+ years in leading investment and construction companies in North-West Russia

7+ years in working with Finnish businesses in Russia, including 3.5 years of working in Finpro

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